The Porsche Driving Experience
Many Supercars look great, many drive well and many can have their linage traced back to a racing heritage. Few supercars however have all of these, as well as having the quiet understanding that they’re the best in their field. The Porsche 911 turns heads without having to resort to brash exterior lines as seen in a Ferrari or Lamborghini, it stirs a passion within the driver that simply can’t be found with a Mercedes CL, can lean on a legacy in a way that an Audi R8 finds impossible and emanates the confidence that it’s mechanically superior to all Aston Martins.

The simple clean lines of a Porsche 911 haven’t changes much over the years, with good reason. The clean shape is perfect for cutting throughout the air and hasn’t had to resort to gimmicks or redesigns to improve on this. A few different Porsche models have entered the market over the years, but the marquee model has remained constant, the 911.

Those who have had the fortune to drive, let alone own a Porsche 911, preach about the cars elegance and craftsmanship, but most of all its handling and performance which stands head and shoulders above all other supercars. The touch you receive through the wheel leaves you in the safe comprehension that you are in total control. The steering is sublime, giving off signals that allow you to react and when reaction is needed, the handling is mightily responsive.

The performance is remarkable. It thunders to 60 mph in about 4 to 5 seconds depending on the model and will take you to the heady top speed of over 170 mph should you feel the need to experiment with its eye popping power. It is simply thrilling to drive. The roar from the engine will make people stop and watch with mouths open as you disappear into the night.

The comfort level is also high with the Porsche. The car is totally at home growling around in traffic and you’ll find it easy to drive and therefore easy to live with. Something you also get, unlike with ‘some’ Italian super cars is amazing reliability. The Germans know how to do this better than anyone and the after sales service will be a reliable as the car itself.

Porsche introduced the 911 as early as 1963. They wanted a special rear engined supercar which was both practical to drive but didn’t compromise on performance. Porsche continued to build and develop the 911 over the years, but have remained faithful to the original concept and design.

The Porsche 911 was the highest placed supercar in the Car of the Century poll by the Global Automotive Elections Foundation and only beaten by iconic family favourites such the Model T, Mini, Beetle and Citroen DS.

Its longevity and continued high sales makes the 911 arguably the greatest supercar of all time.

Why Drive a 911?
The Porsche 911 is the top of the range Porsche model. Porsche have managed to produce popular ‘lighter’ cars such as the Boxster, which have their merits, but if its super car performance you are after, then 911 is the only real option. The Cayenne will offer a better level of practicality and in its self has a relatively amazing performance, but when all is said and done, its a family car. The Porsche 911 is about you and the time you have behind the wheel. Its about the fun in getting to B from A and about what people think of you once you are there and climb out of such an amazing sports car. Should you arrive in a shiny Italian number, or a safe English workhorse, the perception of you will be totally different than that of a 911. You will enter the fray carrying with you the qualities that the 911 has helped to infuse, your elegance, the understated superiority and most of all, you show that in choosing a 911, you understand the finer things in life and real, lasting quality.

Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston and the Audi R8 are all amazing and all have their champions. The Audi has a superb 4.2 litre engine and has four wheeled drive. It is a bubbly sportswear with a crisp modern look which will possibly look dated in a few years. Aston Martin offer a gentile British slant on the supercar and the Italians are a little in your face with their Ferraris and Lamborghinis and are perhaps the only serious alternative to a Porsche 911.

There are also specialist supercars made by smaller companies that are worth considering, such as the Zonda and the Saleen if you’re after a little individuality. There are also offering from Japan which have attempted to make a dent in the supercar market such as the Nissan GT-R.

However, those that know about cars, buy a Porsche 911.

Which model?
You can’t go wrong with a Porsche. The only choice is the amount of power you need and therefore, if you go for the turbo model. The Carrera 4 models also boast full four wheeled drive for extra traction. Entry model will develop 320 bhp while the turbo option hands you a teeth shattering 420 bhp.

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